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It’s time to build our playground!

Our loyal and joyful playground of over 20 years was removed last week. This is the excavated site, ready for our new inclusive playground to be built!

Thank you to the CBE for removing the playground equipment, to Mini Dig Corp. for removing the gravel and excavating the site and to Miter Renovations & Design for providing security fencing.

Work on the Discovery Garden begins the week of August 29th and further site preparation for the playground begins the week of September 5th. Then we will be ready for our volunteer supported build from September 13-17. We still need volunteers for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday! Please visit our Sign Up page to share your availability. We’re also lining up the support of local restaurants, shops and community members to nourish our dedicated volunteers.

Please reach out if you can volunteer or support our volunteers through a food donation. Email us at

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