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Our Amazing Playground Volunteers!

Have you seen it?! The playground equipment has been installed! In just four days, our playground space went from a blank canvas to this amazing play space.

With the support of BDI Play Designs Inc. (thank you Donovan and Forest!), our playground was built with over 150 volunteers cumulating to over 1,000 volunteers hours! We want to extend our gratitude to CJP parents and family members, neighbours, Sunbelt Rentals, Miter Renovations, TC Energy, Carmacks Enterprises, PCL Construction, and Calgary Foundation for generously sharing their time and resources. Many members of our dedicated Playground Committee were on site building everyday, all day. Your commitment and leadership has been inspiring!

Each day, community members and CJP families kept our volunteer builders energized with snacks and refreshments. Thank you for showing your support with such delicious treats. Lunches, snacks, water and coffee were also kindly donated by Subway, Brentwood Community Association, TC Energy, PCL Construction, FreshCo Brentwood, Brentwood Co-op and Joyful Java. Thank you so much for taking care of our volunteers. A couple of our neighbouring restaurants also offered discounts to our volunteers during build week. Thank you 8Mile Pizza and Bro’s To Go! Bro’s To Go also generously donated five gift cards which we used in a daily draw of our volunteers. Congratulations: Dennis S., Jen L., Mauricio R., Giancarlo D., and Mike H.!

Check out our amazing volunteers at work. This playground is a reality because of you! We’re looking forward to celebrating with you at our Opening Ceremony in October.


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