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Staff Appreciation

The CJP School Council and Parents Association value the contributions all CJP staff make to the school community and think it’s important to tell them. Any time of year is good to show appreciation, but we like to highlight a few calendar events. Here’s the plan for the 2022/23 school year:

Ideas to show appreciation

Handmade cards are so heartfelt and always appreciated. We encourage your child to create something special for their teacher, lunch supervisor, educational assistants, office administrators, principals, library assistant and caretakers any time of the year.

Ask your child to think of their favourite lesson they’ve learned from their teacher, or the favourite part of the way their teacher helps them learn, a favourite memory at school or a favourite thing that their teacher says. For the greatest impact, include specific examples of what they’ve done to positively impact you and your child – so that there’s genuine thoughtfulness in the gift and sincere appreciation for all that they do! 

Here are a few links to free printable templates to help you get started:

Some other easy ideas to show your appreciation include:

  • An acrostic poem – use the word “teacher” or the teacher or staff member’s name
  • A drawing or painting of teacher/staff and student
  • Mad Libs! Check out these: 1234
  • A personal note from the parents

However you chose to do it, please show your child’s teacher and CJP staff appreciation anytime of the year. They are so valued and deserve to hear it!

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